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Essay example - Legal Profession in the UK

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The legal profession in the United Kingdom (U.K.) is flourishing except for one internal lacuna. The legal profession in the U.K. is divided into two branches of solicitors and barristers. The division happened sometime in the first half of the sixteenth century when the practice of "calling" a law student to the Bar of an Inn was established in 1547 (Cohen, Professor Harry; p5).

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There has been no clear cut reason for the separation. The division appears to be more of prestige issue and professionally it is becoming an embarrassment to offer the excuse that the barrister performs a specialized or more professional role. Periodical studies highlight issues that throw the explanation of specialized roles of barristers in poor light (Cohen, Professor Harry; p11).
Simply put, solicitors form the backbone of U.K.'s legal system. They come in direct contact with the public who come to them for all legal advises from litigation to commercial work. Litigation forms just a small part of the solicitor's work that involves "commercial transactions, corporate matters, land, share and other property dealings" (Legal professionals: barristers, solicitors, executives; 1998).
In order to become a solicitor, it is necessary to take a one-year Legal Practice Course (LPC). There are over 30 institutions throughout England who offer the LPC. Thereafter, the law student has to obtain a two-years training contract with a solicitors' firm (The Legal Professions).
Professionally, a solicitor must be a member of the Law Society which oversees his training, practice and the Society also takes up complaints made against the solicitor (Legal professionals: barristers, solicitors, executives; 1998).
The role of the solicitor came ...
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