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Essay example - Employment Relations

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Good employees are an asset to an organization and it is the duty of the employers to see that they are treated well, and without discrimination. Employers also have to see that safety of the workers is paramount and should take measures in this regard. It may not be possible to remove the possibility of injury or other health problems totally…

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This paper is an assessment of a case study which involves several issues with regard to potential health and safety problems of employers. It also involves issues of wrongful information and retirement of an employee due to injury. The assessment will be done with regard to the following two areas namely, the relevant statutes and acts which can be used here and the options available to the injured or affected parties. This will be in the form of an advice which can be accepted or rejected by those concerned.
This writer had been appointed as an office assistant in a firm engaged in the business of life insurers in the UK called Ricky Gervais & Co Ltd. Many factors that have potential negative effects for employees within the office premises are noticed after reporting for work. The secretaries are not provided with proper chairs that have correct supports. They are made to work for long hours sitting in such chairs and are provided with outdated computer screens. A isolated incident of employee injury due to the prank of another employee also occurred as a result of which the injured party had to leave his current job and work for a lower pay. The company had done nothing with regard to this injured employee. ...
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