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The United Kingdom operates a highly liberal labour market with minimum legislative and administrative interventions with employment rights shaped around the common law of contract. Specialist employment tribunals are empowered to hear almost all kinds of individual disputes integrating elements in civil court structure (Federation of European Employers, 2006).


In Emily Worth's case, a meeting was set on 17 July 2006, of which Worth was informed about in July 16, 2006. She was later handed a letter hours prior to the meeting signed by Head Teacher Pat Butcher alleging charges against Emily of "Abandoning your class, swearing and using abusive language, [and] "refusal to co-operate with the legitimate management decisions of the Head Teacher and behaving in an unreasonable and unprofessional manner." The letter also stated that the alleged offences were if proven would amount to gross misconduct.
In fact, gross misconduct which may merit instant dismissal requires acts such as failure to comply with reasonable and lawful instructions, theft, sale or consumption of alcohol, physical assault, breach of duty of confidentiality, sexual or racial harassment, fighting, and willful damage to an employers property, or attending work under the influence of prohibited drugs. ...
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