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Family Law

(Morley 2005 International Law)
At this point I would explain to Dorothy that in order to proceed she would be required to show that the marriage is unsalvageable and the both her and George agree that the marriage should be dissolved. This is not to say that if George does not want a divorce, Dorothy will not be able to file for one. What it means is that George could contest it and if that situation arises she will need support to present to the court to prove that there are grounds and conditions for the divorce.
I would also advise Dorothy to talk with George and pursue coming to an agreement prior to filing for the divorce. This is because if the divorce is somewhat amicable and the property and assets have been discussed and there will not be a fight over the divorce will go more smoothly both in court and for them personally. The following law pertains to the circumstances being somewhat amicable:
1.7.1 The decree nisi is the court's decision to grant a divorce provided that nothing comes to light which may alter the Judgement. The certificate given as a result of this decision shows the period of time that is to be allowed for this purpose. ...
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a) When advising Dorothy about divorcing George there would be several things I would inform her before she proceeded with the divorce. The first thing on the agenda would be to apprise Dorothy of the divorce laws and procedures of the United Kingdom. This information would include what is actually necessary to receive a divorce…
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