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With the world rapidly transmuting into a global village, diversity is on the rise, more than ever in human history and with it has popped up problem of intolerance of each other's values, beliefs and principles. When this lack of tolerance augments at an alarming pace, bigger social and cultural issues erupt paving way for greater and deadly consequences. One such consequence was the September 11 incident that completely shook people up, due to mass destruction that it caused and thus compelled both the public sector and the private sector to re-evaluate the nation's homeland security systems and the potential threats to the same. On the same account, the government of the United States of America the SAFETY Act "as part of the Homeland Security Act to encourage potential manufacturers or sellers of anti-terrorism technologies (ATTs) to develop and sell technologies that could reduce the risk or mitigate the effects of large-scale terrorist events by limiting legal liabilities that might otherwise be faced by such developers and sellers for injuries and losses sustained in an act of terrorism" (Slepian). ...
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The world has come to terms with the looming threat of terrorism particularly after the deadly and unforgettable historical incident of 9/11. Various security acts since then have been proposed and some have also been implemented. This analytical research paper throws light upon the Patriot Act…
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