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The Regulation of Sport

The aim of this paper is to analyse this rule and whether it should be legally challenged before the courts.
Overtime the European Union's involvement with sports particularly with standard setting has been increasing. Borja Garcia of the Loughborough University explored the "origins and development" (2007) of this involvement. Perhaps, the turning point of this involvement was in December 2000 when the "the European Council agreed to grant the social, educational and cultural functions of sport special status within the European Union's (EU) Treaty framework" (Parrish, 2001, p. 188. Garcia further opined that this involvement is "a consequence of actors instrumentalising institutional venues to their own benefit" (Garcia, 2007).
Ian Blackshaw observed that through the EU "sport is subject to the 'acquis communautaire' - the body of law that has grown up and developed by the Community Institutions, not least the rulings of the European Court of Justice, the guardian of the EC Treaty" (2007). Although the creation of a standard on the dimensions of the target is very sound, restricting the source of the target is bordering on the ridiculous. ...
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Undoubtedly, the performance in any sports whether it be accuracy sports or style sports is measured according to certain standards agreed upon by sports bodies and agencies, and sometimes by governments. In "sports that require an accurate aim, such as archery and rifle shooting, can be evaluated by measuring how far the shot finishes from the target" (Neumann & Thomas, 2008, p…
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