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Case Study
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The Murder of is a tale of race shocking matter and the subsequent struggle for justice by the parents of black teenager Stephen Lawrence, the victim is a historic one. James murder case holds a relation with the historic case of Stephen Lawrence. There are parallels to be drawn between James's case and the case of Stephen Lawrence…


(ii) There is another matter that, both of them are black murder cases. The judgment and the subsequent actions are said to be based on the fact that the victims were blacks. It is another similarity with the two cases that no offender was found even after a very pinpoint search.
As in accordance with the changes in British law that came as an effect of the case of Stephen Lawrence James' father would have aremedy. David Blunkett who was a Home Secretary of Bratain introduced that, the Parliament of Britain forfited the provision against double jeopardy that was previously a strict prohibition. If there is a new and compelling evidence, retrials are now allowed. This is a positive aspect of James father.After the passing of The Race Relations (Amendment) Act (RRAA) 2000,it is more easy for the father of James to go to the Court and get a remedy from the Government.
Whether the poor people, women and those from Black and minority ethnic classes are often barred from accessing to justice that is totally dependent on the practice of a state and the people live there. By proven information it can be stated that there is a relation between the race people and the police regarding the combating against racism. ...
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