UK Legal Methods and Legal Systems

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Legal analysis is a matter of interpreting data in terms of high level concepts. But in law the data are like those for a system aimed at understanding natural language.hey tell a story about human events that may lead to a lawsuit. Statements of the law, too are written in natural language ad legal arguments are often arguments about what the language means or ought to mean.


h sides is it due to the nature of human conduct is it due to the ambiguity of virtual and responsibility is it due to flexibility of interpretation Is every deed somehow intrinsically subject to morally polar interpretations or is it due to the content of ours laws is it due to the ways that deeds, interpretations and interactConsquently what the thought experiment proves is that at least our decisive part of reason why almost cases in our legal system do support well argued stories on both sides is that the content of our laws gives support to all these parties.
The judge who has to choose between two well written briefs or two well argued precedents is forced to decide between two paradigms and to the extent operates one large step beyond normal legal reasoning toward revolutionary legal reasoning. ...
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