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Essay example - Protection of Human Rights

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The protection of human rights in the international community is ensured through a series of appropriately customized legal texts. These texts - that are going to be presented analytically in the sections that follow - are considered to be effective towards the protection of the rights of individuals around the world; however, in practice the respect of the rights of people internationally faces severe delays mostly because the governmental and the international authorities avoid to intervene in cases where the protection of rights can lead to the conflict with national political power…

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Towards this direction it is supported that 'Britain has one of the worst human rights records in Europe and faces investigation over its failure to comply with a series of European court rulings'1. On the other hand, the recognition of human rights in Britain has been often related with specific sectors of the society, like the health sector. In this context, it has been noticed that 'there was much speculation about the potential impact of the Human Rights Act 1998 on established principles of health care practice; now the statute has been "bedded in", predictions that existing good practice would not fall foul of the legislation provided it was demonstrable, have proved to be broadly accurate'2. As it will be explained below, the Human Rights Act 1998 has been extensively transformed through a series of laws that have been published since 1998 (i.e. ...
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