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Criminal Justice High School

These resources will also provide services for youth who are delinquent, undisciplined or involved in the juvenile court process from intake through aftercare" (2).
The United Nations Guidelines consists of some chapters: Fundamental Principals of the Guidelines, Scope of the Guidelines, General Prevention, Socialization Processes (in turn it consists of the following sections: Family, Education, Community, Mass media), Social Policy, Legislation and Juvenile Justice Administration, and Research, Policy Development and Co-ordination. The purpose of the United Nations programme is to underline the key-point factors of the juvenile delinquency prevention and the main issues to be researched and studied in this topic.
The programme underlines that the prevention of juvenile delinquency is one of the main purposes of our society. A child must be in the center of the Guidelines orientation. ...
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There are a lot of organizations which promote community involvement to the prevention of juvenile delinquency. The main purpose of such involvement is to prevent youth from negative environment influence, to realize the aims and purposes of juvenile development and to involve family, peers and schools to the development and education process and the prevention of youth delinquency…
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