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Law of Agency

1. By Direct appointment: When the agent's authority is express he is said to be directly appointed. The authority is said to be express when it is given by words spoken or written e.g. A by a letter appoints B his agent.
2. By Implication: Agency is implied when it is to be inferred from the conduct, situation of parties, mediary course of dealings, the necessity or circumstances of the case, e.g. master and servant, husband and wife, a person left in charge of the shop by the owner.
3. By Necessity: Agency by necessity arises when a person under certain circumstances acts as an agent of another without authority of that other. Such agency arises under extraordinary situations, e.g. a deserted wife pledges her husband's credit for necessaries of life; a master of ship can pledge the owners credit for necessary repairs during voyage, carrier of goods.
4. Agency By Esstoppel: When a person by his words or conduct willfully leads another to believe that certain set of circumstances or fact exist, and that other person has acted on that behalf, he is estopped from denying the truth of his statement.
Any person who is of the age of the age of majority according to the law to which he ...
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A law is a regulation imposed by the government or ruling body of any country. A law can be for anything practical and rational, and can be imposed all over the country or in any specific area of a country, as deemed suitable by the government in order to ensure appropriate behaviour of the people which are the citizens of the country.
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