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Anti-Social Behavior Policy

Margaret Thatcher the conservative prime minister was the initiator who linked crime as the internal social issue that affects the victims and society on a whole. In seventies the act carried out by burglars, violent union members were considered as a crime. The after math developments of the economy and the society being diversified has elevated the freedom of the society where common man handling guns for an immature criminal act.
These activities were at times carried out even by the juvenile generation questioning the levels of freedom. These people being in the society damage the values and moral essence of the society. As the moral values of the society depletes the society at times may be regarded as harmful to survive. Keeping in view of the social values, the community has to be reformed at every stage to enlighten the generation to lead a disciplined life together. Margaret Thatcher largely succeeded in highlighting the impact on society but unable to implement. John major the successor had tried to unite the political concerns and the electoral concerns. The momentum for constructive authoritative move resulted due to the incidents of 1992 where the young offenders went on rampage. The reports indicate that 104.5 indictable were recorded by thousand population1. ...
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Anti social behavior evolution dates back from seventies of last century. The post war scenario has resulted in serious political and communal conflicts. Unemployment propelled strikes and public demonstrations. These strikes were intensified and turned in some serious agitations…
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