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National Security - Essay Example

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Terrorism may be perceived as a lot of things. On one hand it is seen as an action taken by one to deal with the aggression and the hostility of 'oppressors', a fight for freedom and justice and on the other hand it is seen as a crime against humanity. It may even be viewed as false flag operations carried out for the sheer purpose of fulfilling political agendas…

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National Security

A few definitions moreover comprise acts of unlawful aggression and war. The past of terrorist organizations recommends that they do not choose terrorism for its political usefulness. Individual terrorists have a propensity to be motivated more by a wish for social harmony with other members of their association than by political platforms or planned objectives, which are often shadowy and approximate. The term terrorism is politically and psychologically charged, and this to a great extent compounds the complicatedness of providing an accurate definition. In 1988, one study by the US Army established that over hundred definitions of the utterance terrorism have been used. A person who applies terrorism is a terrorist. The idea of terrorism is itself contentious for the reason that it is frequently used by states to delegitimise political adversary, and hence legitimize the state's own employ of terror adjacent to those opponents.
Terrorism has been second-hand by a wide array of political organizations in getting more to their objectives; together right and left-wing political parties, patriotic, and holy groups, innovative and ruling governments. ...
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