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The afghan was getting new recruits too against the increasing number of soviet deployments. And among them was one recruit who came to fight the jihad war., Osama bin laden, and it was the start of a dream called AL QAIDA.


As an account to the shaking history of humanitarian catastrophes as well as undoubtedly horrifying awakening to the 20th century in the face of the events leading to World’s FIRST WORDL WAR and the events following it, this article will look into the region most recently in headlines for its problems coming undisturbed straight from the time of start of the century, the BALKANS. The rest of the article also discusses the phenomenon that has now deeply rooted itself in the labyrinths of our minds as an everlasting memory which is being refreshed time and again by the terrorists. We will also look into the impact of the fall of soviet unionand its effect on global terrorism.Balkans is the transit of civilization. It is seen as a connection between three great cultures, the Asian, European and the African culture. And when we have such a strategic and delicate
place to be living in, there are bound to be some rifts and discontent among the people who don’t recognize themselves with respect to the region of their birth. Anything can happen right from local interests up to the global interests fighting for the domination over the whole area. And whenever we have wars resulting from the rift, we have political fragmentation and making more states. The initial ottoman empire that was thrown out of the power by the mutual wars that the surrounding countries exercised upon it could not stand up from there and was thrown out along with its rich and ancient culture (along with its historical domination with respect to culture, people and the heir).

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