European Union Law

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Among many hallmarks of the Maastricht treaty was the unveiling of a de jure citizenship within the European Community (as it was then), that ushered a totally new structure covering the whole continent since the collapse of the Roman Empire1. Ideally, under the new concept, people from the Eastern, Western, Southern and parts of the Northern Europe shared a nexus in a common citizenship status.


The French authorities wish to deport Derek and his family back to the Britain. Here it will be important to consider the rights of the European Union citizens though before doing that it is perhaps important to consider whether the actions complained of by the French authorities are legally objectionable, or otherwise. Does Derek or his family have the right to stay Is their right independent of each other's Are Derek and his wife to be considered as "workers" Naturally, it is the European Court of Justice (the ICJ) that has severally been called upon to apply its wisdom in cases where a party suspects that his rights have been violated, and those instances will no doubt be crucial in gauging the status of Derek and his family. It may be wise to recite the relevant the full provision here in order to be seized of its full implications. Thus Article 39EC of the Nice treaty provides;2
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