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Privacy Rights

When Mirror printed the photos of the model, leaving Narcotic Anonymous Meeting with the details of the meeting, they could not disclose the source of their information and photographs. When Naomi sued the newspaper group on March 27. 2002, for breach of confidence and encroachment of privacy, while claiming compensation under Data Protection Act. High court upheld her claim on the grounds that information of her attending the meeting was collected in an underhand way from undisclosed source, and the confidence was betrayed, and the information thus published is harmful for her image and distressful to the supermodel. The court naturally reached an unpalatable conclusion that the photographs and the information was supplied by a fellow- attendee, who was paid for it by the Mirror group.
Rights of privacy and freedom of press had been clashing too often nowadays, with newspapers becoming more and more aggressive in their news hunting and celebrity chasing zeal. Lord Spencer said, his sister was hunted by the media, in a glaring example of celebrity intimidation. Starting from Princess Diana in recent years, almost every celebrity of all countries has complained against encroachment to their privacy. ...
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Naomi Campbell, the celebrated super model sued Mirror Group of papers for taking her photograph surreptiously, without permission, while she was leaving the Narcotic Anonymous meeting, which she had been attending as part of her fight against drugs. Mirror group published the article that Naomi was a drug-addict, trying to come out of it and kept this a secret while extensively galvanising people against taking of drugs…
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