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Law and Order

Basically every country needs a sequence and order to operate its functions properly. In order to make all the tasks of the country go smoothly law and order is implied. Law and order also make sure that a country has peaceful conditions and every one is treated equally. Law and order make sure that every person of the country has its share of rights. If a country lacks stableness in Law and order than it deteriorates economically, its neighbor countries avoid major communications with the country and the conditions of the country meaning peace is not maintained. If a country’s law and order is not imposed properly than automatically it loses political stability.
In order to maintain Law and order in a country certain aspects need to be given special importance and it should be made sure that ignorance is avoided. The major factor for an efficient Law and order is to have a good balanced Lawsuit. Other factors include an effective check system on the Law imposers in order to check their credibility and the ratio of police to citizens.
Another important factor is the role of the citizens in maintaining Law and order in their country. It’s important for the citizens to abide by law and obey every lawful order. ...
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Every country has a set of rules and regulations; the higher officials of the country make these rules and regulations. It’s the duty of the citizens to follow these rules and regulations. These rules can also be referred as the term Law. …
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