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Active listening in counseling

Active listening encompasses purpose of listening during counseling,when interacting with people.It is listening to others views without distraction/ thinking about any other things.It defines the most structured way of listening and responding to others paying complete attention on the speaker. The behaviors and body language of the speaker is a matter of great concern. In the present article active listening is discussed in terms of counseling with its benefits and barriers.Active listening techniques are essential for facilitating the development of any relationship. In a clinical relationship, active listening is vital if the counselor is to effectively investigate and challenge the client. It is one of the primary ways that we are able to learn the client's story. Active listening implies incredible understanding towards the client's verbal and non-verbal messages. It involves "being with" the client, both physically and psychologically, in order to communicate empathy (Egan, 1990).In the active -listening process, the counselor uses both verbal and non-verbal cues and signals to recognize and identify the client's core messages and cognitive patterns. The counselor continually asks the question, "What is it that the client wants me to understand" the tasks takes persistence and concentration. It is imperative that counselor must be aware of possible cultural biases. If the counselor's cultural filters are strong there is a greater likelihood of biased and distorted understanding ...
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Active listening encompasses purpose of listening during counseling,when interacting with people.It is listening to others views without distraction/ thinking about any other things.It defines the most structured way of listening and responding to others paying complete attention on the speaker…
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