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When the lawmakers and law protectors are converted into the lawbreakers and offenders, discrimination in the society increases to its maximum. Discrimination of the capitalist and bureaucrat against the lower group of people who are either working in hazardous position or to the family of so called high society as the workers or servants, has gone beyond control.


The author has ironically pointed out unfair justice of Mandox towards the dismissal of all the servants in her Manson including Bill and the various nannies who work in the Mandox household. If UK employment law is going to take the initiative for making the law against the unfair dismissal, the possibility of coming into effect is amounting to zero up to the tenure of Muriel Mandox, who remains Minister of Justice but observing the pathetic situation of Bill and the various nannies in the Mandox household, the need for strong employment law is on high demand.
When the reader come to know the attitude of Charles, "famous indifference towards strangers was born of class, nationality, wealth and temperament could not fail to be surprised.", then he/she can immediately understand the situation of the labour group working under his control. He is sure to use them at their need and when need is finished; they are thrown out from the job. The view of Muriel Mandox is much more dreaded, she says, 'Look abroad for labour. Look at it this way. They're cheaper. They work harder. You know where they are. ...
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