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Stop-and-Search Rights Unveiled

Merseyside Police Authority says the decrease compared to the previous year is reflective of the fact that stop and search powers are used more selectively and consistently in line with force policy. The arrest rate rose from 10.9% to 14.6%.
Publication Information: Article Title: Stop-and-Search Rights Unveiled; Officers Can Be Asked for Written Record. Newspaper Title: Daily Post. Publication Date: March 22, 2005. Page Number: 2. COPYRIGHT 2005 MGN Ltd.; COPYRIGHT 2005 Gale Group
He also aims to increase the current 33 policemen and women from ethnic minorities in a force of 2,973 officers, at the same time as working with multicultural communities of Cardiff and Swansea to the valleys of south Wales.
Here he tells the Welsh Mirror of the challenges facing him in his new job.I'm very excited. It's something new for myself and also for the force. I've enjoyed working with the police when I was director of the rural race equality project in the south-west of England.
They will have needs which are unique to those living in rural communities. The approach in the country will have to be different because the issues in rural areas will be different to the ones in Cardiff and Swansea.
Publication Information: Article Title: My Fight to Bring Equality and Race Harmony to ...
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The stop and account procedure, which has been tested in seven areas of the country including Sefton since April, 2003, was initially set out in a recommendation stemming from the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry report.
The latest figures available for Merseyside indicate that matters are improving…
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