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This is even though both theories profess to be ones that posit their assumptions based on the criminal event - human ecology. The study ends with advice on how the inclusion of all people from all walks of life can enable a successful precautionary as well as preventive approach to crime as a whole and robbery in particular.
Though some very elaborate theories are often proposed to explain robberies in the negative contexts of mental health and social problems the main and very down-to-earth explanations come from the perpetrators themselves - money, thrills, drugs and peer influences. These reasons, some of them quite trifling, are the principal propellants that induce persons to attempt to take by force things of some value from other persons. As representative of overall international demographical trends Canadian statistics reveal that robbery is almost the exclusive preserve of the young male. In Canada just 5 % of those accused of robbery are female, about two-thirds of those accused are below 25 and almost no accused is above 50. Also, approximately 16 % of those accused are young offenders (Research Division, Correctional Service of Canada, 1995). ...Show more


The study introduces robbery as a crime with Canadian statistics that support that robbery is a violent crime that affects a large part of a country's population. It presents the demographic prevalence of both offenders and victims. It treats the subject of urbanization which has direct links with enhancing criminality and why this is so…
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