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Conditional Fee

But if the case is won by the solicitor, he or she will be paid on hourly basis. As contrast with United States, the triumph fee is much greater than the normal fee in United Kingdom. However, conditional fee system is usually found in countries such as in England, Canada, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, France, Greece, Japan, the Dominican Republic, Brazil and in United States. However, conditional fees permitted for a limited series of cases such as personal injury, insolvency etc. cases in 1999. But in 2000, legal aid was not obtainable for injuries, fatal accidents, business matters or law for partnerships. In other words, legal aid got banned due to the more appropriate proceedings because of conditional fees. (Lamb Building, 2007).
There are many advantages of conditional fee agreement as it provides admittance to the courts for the people who do not have enough money to pay the fees of lawyers and the overheads of civil court cases. It also offers a strong enthusiasm to the lawyer to work carefully in the cases. In many types of court cases, the clients pay the lawyer on hourly basis which makes a bit of difference in economic to the lawyer whether the client is achieving successful results from the court proceedings. ...
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A conditional fee which is in United States or in other words, contingent fee in the United Kingdom is a fee system which provides services where the fee is only to be paid if a constructive result is shown. According to law, this system is also known as 'no win no fee' system…
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