The European Union Master Essay

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Europe has a rich, long history, and as with any entity with a past one will assuredly find conflict. Europe has seen its share of turmoil, but has for decades also seen the purpose and promise of a unified front. This history of a shared vision began shortly after World War II and has continued via Treaty since shortly after the conclusion of the war.


It is within the political context of this notion that concern has arisen within the membership of the EU. However, by redefining our perceptions of what is entailed with adoption of an EU constitution we will see that with or without the constitution the EU will continue to function in much the same way as it has since its inception. However, with a shift in thinking the possibilities of what it can become with adoption of the constitution becomes even more intriguing.
The European Union is unique in that it is not a sovereign nation in the traditional legal sense, rather a legal alliance comprised of many different sovereign states. Yet, through its shared power it has decision making authority to act on behalf of its member states while holding no sovereign or military power of its own. While this may be true, there are also strengths involved in this configuration. Unlike an individual sovereign state which is limited by its own resources and individual structure, the EU can draw on a vast array of resources when necessary from each of its member states (Gourlay 404).
In order to understand the u ...
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