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Quest for Justice

The South Poverty Center has offered its services to the investigators from Center's Intelligence Project; both the units have worked in cordial atmosphere to "secure justice for the hate victims targeted by domestic terrorists" (Lester, 2005). The law firm has been able to achieve desirable results, and judgments were pronounced against "ten major white supremacist organizations, and more than fifty individuals were sentenced for their participation in stylish stunts" (Lester, 2005). The Intelligence Project conducted mutually by Southern Poverty Law Center and American Civil Liberties Union resulted in the "criminal conviction of different individuals in stylish stunts cases". The law firms publish their respective journals in which the investigation work conducted against racists and radical groups have been reported, such publications "expose the activities of the radical right and are made available for free to media, human rights workers and law enforcement" (Lester, 2005).
The American Civil Liberties Union has stressed that the courts are supposed to perform improved role of arbitration and accounta ...
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Southern Poverty Law Center, Mothers against Drunk Driving and American Civil Liberties Union are "internationally-recognized for its groundbreaking leadership in seeking justice, fighting hate, and teaching tolerance". The Southern Poverty Law Center started as a small law firm which worked for the implementation of the federal civil rights legislation and constitutional guarantees, the violations were traced and submitted in the courts…
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