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human right act 1998

This is a violation of Article 8 of the Human Rights Act of 1998. Secondly, this is in violation of Article 2, as Heather and Len are not being given medical attention without their lives being at risk, which they feel will happen if they are apart. Finally, this could be viewed as a violation of Article 3, as they are being degraded by not being able to live their lives in the manner that they wish. Married couples should be permitted to live together and these circumstances are preventing this from occurring. Heather and Len should receive immediate legal help in order to address this situation. They must be taught exactly what their rights are because people tend to take advantage of those who are not sure exactly what their own rights are. Heather and Len have every right to pursue the life that they desire and should use the Human Rights Act to do so.
Figuring out action that can be taken against Helpful Borough Council is a complicated process, especially given the age and the situation of Len and Heather. In previous times, the Human Rights Act did not expand into private companies that provide a public service, which meant that retirement homes were essentially exempt from these laws. That has changed recently, however, as the elderly have been given more rights with which to fight back. ...
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-1 The situation that Heather and Len are in is not an unusual one, as retirement homes are notorious for their human rights violations against the elderly. At various times throughout history, however, they have gotten away with these violations if they were a private sector company that was providing a public service…
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