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Crime prevention

Today in the world there is an increasing debate on the topic of firearms regulation. Different states in the United States of America have allowed people to carry their own weapons for self protection. This law was adopted first by the state of Florida and many people believed that this law would lead to disastrous effects.But it did not have a negative impact as many had thought and many states then followed in implementation of this law. It came to be realized with time that carrying firearms had a positive effect on the crime prevention. There are many reasons to this effect. The crime committers have a fear that they will be counter attacked hence this leads to a decrease in the crime rate. There is a second thought to this as well. People believe that this can lead to an increase in crimes because even normal people under pressure might be subject to committing crimes and due to the easy availability of weapons they would more easily be able to commit crimes. Carrying of firearms thus has both effects. It increases the crime rate as well but it has a greater effect in decreasing the crime rate. People choose to carry weapons as a crime prevention method so as to increase their quality and standard of life. It provides them with security and it opens for them a path which makes them self dependant. They can themselves take care of their life and property and save themselves from different criminals. ...
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Today in the world there is an increasing debate on the topic of firearms regulation.Different states in the United States of America have allowed people to carry their own weapons for self protection.This law was adopted first by the state of Florida and many people believed that this law would lead to disastrous effects…
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