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A review of the Quashing Convictions Report

The idea that the Justice System should be skewed towards the law-abiding public rather than towards the criminals, or that it should be balanced between the two ignores the basic reason for rules of procedure and evidence being in place. The State takes on an awesome (and easily abused) power when it takes away the liberty of a man or woman. Imprisonment takes time away from a person’s life that can never be restored. Thus the scales of justice should provide every possible safeguard for the accused because the stakes are so high and mistakes are so consequential for him if he is found guilty. If, as the government appears to be doing, the rules of evidence are being “rewritten” or simply ignored to enable the state to imprison people it “knows” to be guilty, then the UK is on a slippery slope indeed. ...
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This review will argue that neither premise is in fact tenable, and further, that the Report exhibits an overall dangerous tendency through suggesting that the Criminal Justice System “should” be balanced in favor of either side. The scales of justice should be equal and balanced…
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