Criminal Justice System Book Report/Review

Book Report/Review
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The basis and philosophy behind the proposals within the "Quashing Convictions" Report is stated quite explicitly by John Reid, the Home Secretary, in his Foreword to the report. He argues that the government is "committed to rebalancing the Criminal Justice System in favour of the victim and the law-abiding majority .


This review will argue that neither premise is in fact tenable, and further, that the Report exhibits an overall dangerous tendency through suggesting that the Criminal Justice System "should" be balanced in favor of either side. The scales of justice should be equal and balanced.
The Foreword to the Report continues with remarkable honesty by stating that the government is "open to suggestions about how we achieve the aims, we are not consulting on the aims themselves or therefore on whether the law should be changed."2 The government has apparently made up its mind on the principles and facts underlying the need for reform, it merely is requesting help on the more mundane task of the practical implementation of the new laws. This review will tackle both the ideas for implementing the laws, and also the doubtful premise that change is actually needed.
The government suggests that "where the Court of Appeal are of the view that a conviction is, in the normal sense of the word, 'safe', it should not be possible to quash it."3 The word "safe", at least within the government's rather limited definition of the word, implies that the criminal is in fact guilty of the crime that he/she was accused of. ...
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