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Indonesian Islamic Law

I felt peeved at the manner in which a lady is being shoved out of a hotel lobby, where she was having conversation with two of her lady friend, and the male colleagues standing nearby kept laughing and booing at them. Nobody thought it fit to reason out with the police officials that they are not doing anything illegal in the hotel lobby. What is more troubling is, what message is being sent out about Islamic laws by such an action?3. Identify cultural values specific to your own culture that impacted upon how you reacted/responded to this article. My culture has given me the values and teaching which do not allow ill-treatment of the female members of the society for the simple reason that they are born as female. Equality in the society is the norm as far as I’ve learnt. I sincerely feel that laws are meant to protect the humanity and not to torture them in the name of religion.4. Analyze how ethnocentricity can impact the way in which you reacted to this article.Ethnocentricity implies that an individual tends to focus more on the specific ethnic group he or she belongs to. In general it can be considered as a normal human tendency, but in this case we have a nation which has to take care of so many issues at home for development of its citizens, reconstruction of the infrastructure destroyed during the Tsunami disaster, political issues etc. But focus is being given to the age old Shariah laws instead. When a port city it raises doubts about the capability of the government to take the nation ahead. ...Show more


In the paper “Indonesian Islamic Law” the author will take a look at all the terror acts. Though Islam is a very rich in its preaching as a tolerant religion, but the way some practitioners have implemented the Islamic rulings and teachings have certainly not helped the cause.

Indonesian Islamic Law essay example
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