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Marine Nature Conservation - Essay Example

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Marine nature conservation is an important environmental issue, which requires adequate protection, especially in light of the damage being inflicted upon it as a result of manmade actions such as pollution, over-fishing and climate change. If an effort to address this problem the UK government has produced a consultation document for a proposed new Marine Bill…

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Marine Nature Conservation

In addition we have also studied the recognised failure of the European Common Fisheries policy. The result of our research indicates that there are issues relating to the protection of these sites that are not adequately addressed in the proposed bill as it stands and, without this happening, it does not provide adequate protection.
Are the provisions to be included within the proposed Maritime Bill of sufficient scope and breadth to provide the necessary protection for the sites of interests to marine nature conservation Many environmental groups are suggesting that the bill does not go far enough, claiming the "statutory programme of site protection has never caught up with voluntary initiatives," (S. Gubbay 1995). However, commercial organisations are generally in agreement with the findings of the document. The intention of this report is to study the proposals, together with the various arguments, in an effort to resolve the question.
The seas around the UK provide enjoyment for millions of people as well as many jobs. ...
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