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Police Corruption In The United States

Police corruption acts are increasing with the passage of time and everyday we comprehend and share our views regarding police unlawful acts, what is published in the newspaper.
"In New Orleans, 11 police officers were convicted of accepting nearly $100,000 from undercover agents to protect a cocaine supply warehouse containing 286 pounds of cocaine. The undercover portion of the investigation was terminated when a witness was killed under orders from a New Orleans police officer." (General Accounting Office, Report to the Honorable Charles B. Rangel).
Police departments participating in the five-year study were drawn from a pool of more than 4,000 police departments throughout the United States. ...
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Police corruption is not a new phenomenon in the US, but the types of cases and the conduct of the officers have gone through a transition over the past 20 years. The perception of police officers that they are not constrained by traditional moral values and that they need not adhere to the law creates confusion and leaves them searching for appropriate boundaries, but good ethics training can help to maintain integrity, morality and legality in law enforcement." (David Thompson, "Above the law", Law & Order…
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