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Illegal use of VOIP

According to the essay the principle behind VoIP is that using a computer and a microphone it is possible to record sound of a person. In this process, the sound would be sampled at a very high rate and then would be stored as files in the computer. Each of these samples is a small bit of sound by the respective person. Now the computer would be able to use these samples in such a way that a listener would be able to hear accurately what the speaker has said. In VoIP, the difference is that the recorded samples are send through IP services to another computer placed at a distant place. So the speaker’s voice could be heard as such by a listener sitting at a long distance.
As the paper presents VoIP system could be installed in a variety of hardware systems such as a telephone. There is no need of a computer in that case. Some of the VoIP providers allow a customer to contact only a person using the same service. But there are providers who would allow contacting any person with a telephone number and this include land line or mobile or international or long distance numbers. Instead of a computer one could use a VoIP telephone for the purpose. The traditional telephone available with the customer could be used for the purpose with a VoIP adapter. In this case the digital signals of sound would be converted into regular telephone signals before it reaches destination. ...
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Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP enables a person to make telephone calls using broadband internet instead of the usual telephone line. The present paper is intended to analyze the factors leading to such illegal use of VoIP, the methods of illegal use and how this problem could be circumvented…
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