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Professional Negligence

2. Mr. David Johnson went to Eye Right Clinic on August 5, 2003 to enquire about the possibility of undergoing Lasik Eye Surgery to correct his nearsightedness. He was attended to by DI. He underwent to treatment to his right eye but was told that the operation was only partially unsuccessful. On August 12, he returned once more, but was again told that the operation was only partially successful. On August 19, he returned for treatment on his left eye, and this yielded completely satisfactory results. Additional treatment on his left eye was conducted on September 29. This operation was done both by DI and DB. It was during this visit that complications arose. Mr. David Johnson was informed that there was a problem as his cornea has been penetrated. In a subsequent examination by DI, he was told that his corneal flap had been damaged and that a corneal graft was probably necessary. He was referred to Dr. Singh (GS) at the Grafton Hospital in Oxford.
3. Mr. David Johnson has had several operations and procedures to correct the damage to the cornea, beginning with the stitching the damaged corneal flap on September 30, 2003 and culminating in a corneal graft on September 24, 2004. The sight on the right eye is still problematic. He is on the NHS waiting list to have a contact lens implant. After the operation at Eye Right, he experienced pain due to "dry" eye, reduced and disturbed sight and very poor night vision. ...
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1. I am asked to advise Mr. David Johnson in the matter of a claim for clinical negligence made against Eyes Right as well as Dr. Donald Ivy (DI) and Dr. Benjamin (DB). Mr. David Johnson sustained damage to his corneal flap as a result of a Lasik Eye Surgery performed by Drs…
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