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Marijuana High School

Of course, all of that enormous market is illegal now; the government doesn't get a cent from this business. Those who use cannabis live under the threat of being caught and accused of drug abuse by the police, but it doesn't stop them from smoking. The doctors now say that cannabis makes less harm than the nicotine does. Thus, it's obvious that marijuana should be legalized, just for to let the government control its use, prevent its abuse, and get the taxes from those who run this business.
Cannabis has been used in therapeutic purposes for several centuries already, but during the previous century its use have been strictly limited, as this substance became a subject of misuse and abuse. Since the use of cannabis as a medication was forbidden in the U.S in 1937 the continuous struggle has been led between the supporters and the opponents of using cannabis for treatment of certain conditions.
Marijuana, which is another name for this drug, more widespread than the word cannabis is defined as a "preparation made from the dried flower clusters and leaves of the cannabis plant, usually smoked or eaten to induce euphoria." in an entry on the Free Dictionary Website.
The authors of this document mention that the ad ...
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The struggle for the legalization of cannabis has been led for decades now. The opponents of this decision have been arguing that marijuana is a toxic substance that changes the mode of human's psychic and influences the person's physical condition negatively, thus it has to stay prohibited, while those, who support marijuana legalization stated that cannabis can be used for recreational and medical purposes without the considerable harm to the humans' psychological and physical health.
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