Modern System Of Policing

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Since the introduction of the new police in 1829 the force has taken on many new different shapes and sizes. From the historic 'Peelers' to the modern day 'Bobbies,' the aim has always remained the same. To prevent crime and protect and serve the public.
It is usually presumed, by many who think why modern policing was born, that the police was made to handle the increase in crime cause by means of urbanization as well as growing numbers of immigrants.


Scholars looked as if they were busy discussing the politics of police reform. Researching of the causes of modern policing was considered in a superficial manner, more often presumed than proved. Cities switched unavoidably to modern policing as a result of increasing degree s of crime and disorder in a period of phenomenal growth as well as intense social change (Schneider 1980 p 54).
During the above mentioned period London was plagued via crime as well as the safety of a lot of citizens was doubtful. Pick pocketing, gambling and robbery were ordinary amongst the crimes that took place.
An essential factor in Sir Robert Peel's plan was the division of policing as well as the judiciary. Peel believed that police should be accountable for one side of the law, it was called the examination phase (Hurd 2007). Even till today, this idea remains almost unchanged.
Until 1829, law enforcement had been dramatically lacking in organization. As London expanded during the 18th and 19th centuries, maintaining law and order had become a priority and also a matter of public concern. The policing system was seen as ineffective and failing dismally to restore and maintain peace and order.
Previous systems were i ...
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