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Race Relations Act

To satisfy the huge public outcry the McPherson Inquiry was initiated and in this report several recommendations in order to counter racism were made. Some of these recommendations were to incorporate cultural diversity into the National Curriculum, to check the correlation between school admissions and academic achievement and to assess the success of teachers' activities in these areas. Despite seeming to be related to the statutory education system these recommendations have a very important bearing on the education of adults in respect of racism.
The National Neighbourhood Renewal Strategy (2001) has specified that inadequate availability of education, health; employment and housing greatly affect a significant number of people from the minority communities. In 2001, it was estimated that the black and minority communities comprised 8% of the total population of England. In England, fourteen percent of students belong to the black and minority group. Therefore, in education the opportunities made available to the black and minority communities have to be increased significantly. ...
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Stephen Lawrence was killed by a gang of white youths in 1993 at Eltham, south east London. Although this gang was arrested no murder charges were framed against them. The Daily Mail, a national newspaper, published front page stories accusing this gang of being murders and challenged them to sue it, which they never did (Black in Britain, n.d.)…
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