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Essay example - Justice System

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British Crime Survey of 2000 provides detailed data on the level and nature of crime committed against persons who live in England and Wales. As one can understand only those crimes committed in 1999 were highlighted in BCS of 20001. Apart from the data on various types of the crime, the survey also provided assessment of current justice system by British public…

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So overall, these findings show that people perceive that Justice System treats suspects well yet, it is not always capable to protect the rights of victims. Ethnical minorities however are more confident that their rights can be protected by current criminal justice system, though they perceive that the legal system might be prejudiced to them if they are suspects or witnesses in the case. 3One of the most serious conclusions that can be drawn from British Crime Survey is that the confidence of the victims decreases once they have contacted the police.
In order to evaluate the level of confidence of the population in current legal system, BCS of 2000, asked respondents how good the job of various agencies was performed. According to the finding all agencies mentioned in the report had received high rankings, however there was sharp decrease in the level of confidence in the police, whereas the level of confidence in al other agencies decreased less sharply. 4
Apart from evaluating the level of confidence, the survey also provided some insight in the factors that contributed to the decline of confidence. ...
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