Legal Structure of EC Law - Case Study Example

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Legal Structure of EC Law

Christina runs a graphic design business based in Brighton and ordered a new computer system on 5th July 2007 from Avalon Computers Ltd., a mail-order firm specialising in computer equipment designed for professional graphics use and based in Reading. Christina paid 3,000 in full for the equipment and it was delivered to her studio a few days later.
However, the next day she learned that she had lost an important order from clients in America for future design work, and reluctantly decided that she could not afford the new computer system at the present time. She immediately contacted Avalon by fax and asked the company to take back the computer (still boxed and unused) and refund the money paid. The company refused.
1. Advise her clearly and fully as to her rights under European Community Law (if any) to obtain a refund of the money she has paid for the goods from Avalon. If she is unsuccessful in doing so, can she obtain redress from any other person or body
Ibanez (2004) studied the legal procedures against member states for breaches of EC law and the different aspects of the European Commission enforcement procedure under EC Treat ...
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This essay deals with the legal structure as related to EC law and discusses an imaginary directive adopted by the EU Council which the UK government has not upheld suggesting that certain individual may bring legal proceedings against the UK government on the basis that the UK has failed to practice certain laws laid down by the EU.
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