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Court Report

Excessive formality involving security checks etc makes the proceedings look serious, but this is a necessary security precaution. The silence is important too as everybody needs to hear all proceedings clearly. Modern techniques of using multimedia display screens and air conditioning makes the proceedings easier for the judge(s), jury and others. Waites observes that flat-panel monitors are more conducive to the courtroom environment. They allow the judge and attorneys to review information together before displaying it to the jury (Waites, 384). Such systems have the option of delaying display on the large screen through 'delay switches'. This allows the judge to review information before presenting it to the jury. Moreover enhanced video and sound playback devices such as the ELMO, as acknowledged in the Litigant's report, improves the quality of information processing inside the courtroom (Webb).
The courtroom looked well secured. All entrants are thoroughly examined through security devices such as metal detectors. The judge's bench is elevated about three steps above the floor, so that his/ her vision covers the whole courtroom, and he/she is equipped with security alarm as well. ...
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The court room has a unique environment. Even though the case I visited was not very serious but there existed an anxious feeling within me, which I credit to the formality and structure of the courtroom environment. High roof and the use of natural daylight, but not direct sunlight add to the creepy feeling…
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