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Prison Law and Penology

In addition, inmates abuse one another and a few members of the prison staff physically abuse prisoners. However, the most common kind of violence committed on inmates in many US penal facilities is sexual assault. This assault is perpetrated on males, females and even illegal immigrants housed in prison facilities all over the country. In order for us to understand how this abuse occurs, we need to take a close look at the US prison systems, penal laws and statutes, evaluate the problem, and analyze the efficiency of measures taken by the government to curb sexual assaults inside US prisons.
Many ordinary individuals have heard detailed stories in the media especially the newspapers about prisoners being beaten by guards with batons, fired at unnecessarily with guns or raped and abused by prison officers. (World Report 2000) Authorities have found out that the penal facilities in almost every state in America is replete with such abuse. A federal court for instance, came to a conclusion that the rate and number of 1"wholly unnecessary physical aggression" committed by guards in Texas prison facilities mirrored a "culture of sadistic and malicious violence" exhibited in those facilities. ...
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The prevalence of abuse, violence torture and sexual assault in many US penal institutions, are usual subjects in movies and TV shows. The media, in addition, perpetrate the idea that inmates in correctional and prisons facilities in the country suffer from abuse, overcrowding, extortion and other forms of violence…
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