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Freedom of expression and religion

Freedom of speech, or the freedom of expression, is recognized in international and regional human rights law. If a nation identifies with freedom of speech then it is without censorship or limitation. However this has been shown to be contested within states who claim to uphold freedom of speech and political equality.The civil rights movement in America between 1955 and 1968 aimed to abolish racial discrimination against African Americans. New York Times Co. v. Sullivan, 376 U.S. 254 (1964) was a United States Supreme Court case that established the actual malice standard, actual malice being a standard that has to be met to determine whether a press report can be concluded as being libel or defamation of character has occurred. On March 29, 1960, the New York Times printed a full page entitled "Heed Their Rising Voices", carried a full-page advertisement titled "Heed Their Rising Voices". The advertisement was an appeal for funds to defend the civil rights movement’s leader Martin Luther King. The advert detailed some of the actions taken against the peaceful protestors including the following quote;In Orangeburg, South Carolina, when 400 students peacefully sought to buy doughnuts and coffee at lunch counters in the business district, they were forcibly ejected, tear-gassed, soaked to the skin in freezing weather with fire hoses, arrested en masse and herded into an open barbed-wire stockade to stand for hours in the bitter cold. (NYT 1960)
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Freedom of speech,or the freedom of expression,is recognized in international and regional human rights law. If a nation identifies with freedom of speech then it is without censorship or limitation.However this has been shown to be contested within states who claim to uphold freedom of speech and political equality…
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