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USA Patriot Act - Essay Example

The USA Patriot Act was passed in haste almost immediately after the September 11 attacks and it is alleged that proper debate and deliberations were not conducted leading to draconian laws taking the US back by several centuries so far as civil liberties are concerned.Famous movie maker Moore has made a documentary Fahrenheit 9/11 capturing comments and alleged farce in the passage of this act.It gives level playing field to the investigating authorities with those of the law breakers / terrorists. Thus the sweeping powers granted to the investigating authorities in fight against terrorism are given them more teeth which are if used efficiently could help them in tracking down and pinning terrorists or terrorist groups. Terrorist organizations and other law evaders take advantage of the procedures and bureaucratic loopholes and often play with the lacunae present in the system to escape the dragnet.The investigations can proceed at a much faster pace. This is another obvious advantage which would enable nabbing of terrorists and allow the investigating authorities to move in tandem with the criminals. Earlier the number of permissions sought in surveillance etc would need a number of clearances before getting used. As per a government website, life and liberty, "it allows law enforcement to conduct investigations without tipping off terrorists."Bolsters the morale of the law enforcement personnel. This act supports the personnel entrusted with the job of keeping nation safe from the hands

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Is the USA PATRIOT Act an effective deterrent to terrorism Why, why not What are your suggestions for combating terrorism
The purpose of the act was to give authorities greater ability to investigate terrorism by allowing authorities the ability to search emails, internet records, telephone conversation, and financial transaction among other powers. The Patriot Act has been effective at combating terrorism.
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Enhancing Domestic Security: USA Patriot Act
Provide Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism (PATRIOT) Act of 2001 was drafted by the Justice Department. The congress response to the incident is constituted in the Public Law 107-56. Having resolved their differences, the house committee through the senate, congress sitting and the executive assembly finally enacted legislations tailored towards protecting its citizens from terrorist acts.
3 pages (750 words) Essay
Renewal of the USA Patriot Act
In December last year, Senate rejected the reauthorization of several provisions of the USA Patriot act. They reasoned that the nation’s top anti-terrorism law was infringing too much on American’s privacy.
2 pages (500 words) Essay
USA Patriot Act 2001
The rationale of making this Act was to prevent and punish terrorist activities around the world.It has provisions to increase the ability of law enforcement agencies to use investigatory tools to search emails and telephone communications and reduces the restrictions on foreign intelligence within the United States.
2 pages (500 words) Essay
The USA Patriot Act as a Threat
The Patriot Act was making possible for the America to be united and to strengthen the nation by providing the necessary tools that are needed to interrupt and block the terrorist act. The interruption and obstruction of these possible terrorists' acts are made through the expansion of the law enforcer's surveillance
7 pages (1750 words) Essay
American Politics - USA Patriot Act
These committees sterile an immediate investigation of the bungling that led to the 9/11 attacks and demonstrated little interest in getting a clutch on the grave mistreatment of intelligence that headed the war against Iraq. Not like the commissions that investigated Pearl Harbor, neither committee accessed a somber reorganization proposal for revamping the policy procedure and preventing another breakdown such as 9/11.
4 pages (1000 words) Essay
Describe some ways how the public has responded to the October 2001 USA Patriot Act. Has the publics response been positive or negative What are some pros and cons of the USA Patriot Act with the American public Explain your answer
By 2011, there was less public awareness regarding the Patriot Act as compared to how it was shaped up in 2006 or even in 2004. As far as the pros and cons of the Patriot Act are concerned, this act removed the barriers that the law enforcement authorities faced when
1 pages (250 words) Essay
The Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act (commonly known as the USA Patriot Act) was comparatively mild. Critically discuss this statement by reference to, at least,
The congress started working on several proposed bills after the attack. The Justice Department settled on drafting a bill by the name Anti-Terrorism Act of 2001.1 The bill was first introduced to the house for
12 pages (3000 words) Essay
USA Patriot Act
It also extends to what people read in libraries and book stores, what people look at or even purchase ( par 2-4). The US Patriot Act gives the government more power in four key areas (American Civil
1 pages (250 words) Essay
Relationship between The USA Patriot Act & The Homeland Security
But the various definitions of terrorism emphasize the underlying actions, plans and reasons; premeditation, political motivation, ideologies, psychological aspects, intimidation of government, and use of violence to pass their messages are
3 pages (750 words) Essay
of the terrorists.


The USA Patriot Act was passed in haste almost immediately after the September 11 attacks and it is alleged that proper debate and deliberations were not conducted leading to draconian laws taking the US back by several centuries so far as civil liberties are concerned…
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USA Patriot Act essay example
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