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Sexual Harassment

These activities can interfere with a workers production or performance of their duties as they may avoid an area that they have duties in if it is an area where they are being harassed.
Under the law, co-workers and supervisors are treated differently and have different liabilities. Federal law also holds the employer responsible for the actions of the supervisor in regards to sexual harassment (Pastor, 2007, p.292). However, in regards to coworkers, the employer is only held responsible if they are negligent, such as knowing about the harassment and failing to stop it (Pastor, 2007, p.292).
The federal law that protects workers from sexual harassment is Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. (Sexual harassment, 2008). In addition, states may have additional laws that can apply. They are usually modeled after the federal law but often vary in the amount and types of damages that can be awarded in a civil suit (Do states have their own laws, 2009).
There are several avenues that a person can pursue if they are being sexually harassed. A worker who is the victim of sexual harassment is encouraged to first report it to their employer or human resources department, and "use any employer complaint mechanism or grievance system available" (Sexual harassment, 2008). The worker may additionally contact their union or file a suit in state or federal court. However, they must " the first file a formal sexual harassment complaint with the federal EEOC and/or your state’s fair employment agency" (Know your rights, 2009). ...
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The essay " Sexual Harassment" discusses a serious issue, as it can have a lasting effect on a person's psychological well-being, their career, and their livelihood. Sexual harassment is defined as discrimination and is a violation of federal law…
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