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The Chief Constable of Simpson District Police has invoked the provisions of Section 14 of the Public Order Act 1986, in order to serve restrictive orders on the convening of a the public Assembly by the democratic Party, ProD, under the leadership of its current President, Mr.


This is more so, under envisaged conditions where there are sufficient reasons to believe that the assembly may cause damage to property and significant interruption of life, besides the risks accruing to people moving around the vicinity of the assembly. "A person who organises a public assembly and who knowingly fails to comply with a condition imposed under the section is guilty of an offence. A police officer can then arrest without warrant any person he reasonably suspects is committing any of the offences under the section" (United Kingdom. 2006).
Further, if the law enforcement authorities are of the considered opinion that the purpose of the said assembly is to instil fear in the minds of the high powered Zimbabwean Government delegation, with a view to force them to do something which they are not bound by law to do, or to compel them to do an act, which is not legally enforceable on them, it is well within the jurisdiction of the law enforcement authorities to place suitable restrictions, as deemed necessary. ...
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