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Immigration Laws And The Catholic Church

According to the research "Immigration Laws And The Catholic Church" findings the Catholic Church considers the immigration laws in the United States to be unjust in that it treats the so called illegal immigrants in a cruel manner despite the efforts they make towards enhancing success in the nation. Most people also feel that the laws should not be adjusted but rather the immigrants should be evicted hence revealing the hatred they have upon the immigrants. The Catholic Church fears that the immigration bill may make the lives of the immigrants even more unbearable and that it has some similarities with the immigration law in Arizona hence the fear that the illegal immigrants will not be treated fairly. The Catholic Church particularly in the United States has been actively involved in the debate concerning the immigration laws where it has shown its opposition in a great manner. The church has been calling for reforms in the immigration laws arguing that all the people involved ought to be given the best by being treated in the best way possible as the teachings of the church stipulate for maintenance of human dignity all the time.
“Behind these walls are friends, neighbors, co-workers,” said the bishop. “They are children of God, our brothers and sisters, who came to this country with hope for a better life. That is why the bishops of the United States are once again calling for immigration reform legislation in 2010. We are calling on all Catholics and people of good will to ignore the rhetoric and follow the teachings of our church.”
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The research paper "Immigration Laws And The Catholic Church" talks about an interaction of religion and politics.There have been efforts to separate religion and politics with most individuals and agencies arguing that they should never mix but this has proved to be unavoidable. …
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