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Work Perspectives - PowerPoint Presentation Example

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Work Perspectives Paper and Outline
Certain factors play in the realization of building effective leadership. And these factors include the values, ethical concerns, shared visions of the future and effective communication. …

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Work Perspectives

Since, the leader is the one who makes the decision and major actions within a given organization; it is only applicable that he/she is adept with the right qualities and fundamental skills in order to strengthen good relationships with his/her people who will be his/her partner in achieving their goals. This paper will discuss a few Exhibits presented in the book of justice Administration and to explain each factors or concepts by giving examples. Leadership’s Bond of Trust Kokkelenberg (2010) compared the kind of leadership in the US 200 years ago with today. Before, the kind of leadership was autocratic which was based on the old military dogma “follow orders before complaining.” This implies that the employee needs to obey his or her boss instructions even though it is against his/her principles or will. Like for example: he/she follows his/her boss to falsify records for the fear to get fired. But, today leadership has transformed in many ways such leaders now tend to work with someone like for example getting the opinions and feedbacks of his/her subordinates in formulating decisions. And everyone at work has already right to voice out his/her opinion especially if the superior’s order is against his/her principles (Peak, 2010; Kooken, 1947). ...
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