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Corrections Module 5 Writing

Especially the problems occurred in the racial candidates’ recruitment with the fact that the people rarely came to work in rural locations, therefore more prisons had to be built in the metropolitan areas.
As far as the recruitment of the female CO is concerned, the major issue covering the area is the classic discrimination and the male chauvinism that keeps women from being recruited at a larger scale (Philip L. Reichel, 2008).
The treatment staff in a prison is supposed to take care of the prisoners without being in direct interaction with them. These include the duties as some psychological treatment workers, psychotherapy workers, religious workers, academic staff and the staff hired to provide amusement to the prisoners.
In the governmental use model of the prisons, the market for the goods is restricted to the state and local government with control in the hands of the public. A joint venture has a control shared within the state and the public with the prison producers as being private. At a corporate level, the control is more private than being public and is highly unrestricted. Lastly, in the free enterprise model the primary control is private in nature and the market for goods is unrestricted.
During the last few decades, the privatization in the prison has been increased. In the U.S, six states have almost 25% of their population of prisons housed as private. This is due to the fact that it is easy for the private sector to construct prisons because they have a better finance and they can have more savings in cost as compared to that of the government.
The different treatment strategies that have helped alter the crime-related behavior are the drug and alcohol treatment, prison based therapeutic communities, anger management and lastly the sex offender treatments.
The new skills are taught to the inmates’ trough several strategies like the life skills, educational programs and vocational trainings etc. the most important strategy to ...
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Lombardo (1981) has identified six main duties of the correctional officers; they may work as housing unit officers, work detail supervisors, industrial shop and school officers,…
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