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Incarceration is the legal process in which criminals are isolated to prevent them from committing more crimes, punished for the crime they committed, or a manner in which they are rehabilitated. Today, America houses a quarter of the world’s prisoners where recession and…

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W., n.d.).
With the dreaded conditions stated above and with the fact that crime is being associated with the poor economic background of people, politicians and the general public deem that bending prison policies such as the mandatory sentencing and punishing of technical parole violations rather than extending parole time would be best to not only effectively curb criminal cases despite limited resources but at the same time help these criminals to be able to pay the legal consequences of their acts immediately and at the same time be able to move on with their life without delay which will also help them support their families better and not worsen the problem of budget challenges (Criminal Justice USA, n.d.). This is because of the fact that in most cases, those who have been incarcerated have slashed annual earnings because many employers would refuse to hire them and given the fact that most of those incarcerated are the breadwinners of their family, delaying parole time is not the solution for both the criminal and the society. This is something that Justice Anthony Kennedy affirmed, pushing for the review of political outcomes and processes to improve the problem of overcrowding, prison medical and mental health, and most especially, the post incarceration impacts in a criminal’s life and society as a whole.
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