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Law Enforcement - Essay Example

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Leadership and management is vastly different especially in the field of policing because of the peculiar nature of jobs in a policing organization. Leadership in the policing organization requires an emotional dimension so that police officers are follow each and every instruction given by the leader at all times. …

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Law Enforcement

Leaders and managers in the policing organization both serve different purposes. In the line of duty police officers are often risking their lives in order to protect the common people. This dangerous nature of their job makes them different from other types of employees who work for banks or other companies. Also because of the nature of jobs of police officers leadership becomes extremely important. Police officers will only follow the directives of a leader whom they respect and admire. They will risk their lives not for a person who only enjoys legitimate authority, but for a leader who has earned their respect. This is the foremost difference between a leader and a manager in policing organizations. Another difference between leaders and managers in policing organization is the attitude with which they approach work. Managers often rely on standards and procedures, while leaders are more interested in solutions and results. ...
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