Social disorganization

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Social disorganization refers to attribution of criminal and antisocial behavior to breakdown of communal institutions and communal relationships that traditionally promote cooperative behavior and conduct among people. In this light, social disorganization refers to the actual…


t, of the widespread occurrence of social disorganization, this paper seeks to highlight the issues surrounding it especially in relation to organized crime and corrupt, political machines.
Social disorganization contributes substantially to organized crime by working hand in hand with the aspect of the failure of certain social institutions that lead to the increase of crimes in general. Such include urban decay, general deterioration of the ecology found in inner cities and general failure of the society, as well as familial deterioration. In this regard, crime is affiliated with the level in which one is in the society that he or she lives. This is in relation to social stratification, which stands for divisions of humans in any society based on financial, ethnic, racial or charismatic background. As a result, organized crime is the outcome of blatant flouting of social rules by ignorant members of the society, as well as familial deterioration. This is due to the capabilities that crime gangs have in relation to replacing familial figures and creating a sense of belonging by being part of a crime gang with national syndication. In this light, organized crime is promoted by the loss of social organization or failure of vital social structures such as family, making crime part f daily life for affected individuals thus; attempting to weed out the evil element in them an uphill task. In addition, failure of other organizations such as law enforcement, crucial for social wellbeing results in organized crime. This is concerning to demand goods and services that are contrary to social norms, beliefs and values, as well as flouting legislation.
In addition, social disorganization creates thriving grounds for organized crime in the political front. This is in relation to the influence that organized crime holds on political spheres, and is thus, used to drive campaigns of a political nature in order to maintain power and control. This implies that politicians utilize ...
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